Take three mothers sharing a passion for cooking from scratch.

Add nine children and many years catering, fundraising and

teaching, blend with professional training in food and nutrition,

stir well and you have Upbeet Nutrition.


You recognize the importance of healthy eating habits and learning how to prepare simple meals from scratch.

You want your children to enjoy cooking and to have confidence to try new foods.

You are busy and often rely on eating out or fast food.

You are tired of the same old meals and looking for some inspiration.

We can help!

At Upbeet Nutrition, we make it our mission to empower you and your family in the kitchen! We offer classes for children, teens and adults. We work with you to find solutions to your mealtime challenges.

It’s all about healthy foods and healthy lives…

Meet the Upbeet Team!


Hi, We’re Cary, Julie and Nina

We’re passionate about food.  We ran a home-based catering business together and have been in schools and in the community teaching about food, nutrition and cooking for close to 10 years. We believe that all children and young adults should have the opportunity to acquire basic culinary skills, to learn about the principles of a healthy diet and to master a few good recipes to have up their sleeves. We want all of our students, young and old alike to have fun in the kitchen and gain a healthy appetite for making things from scratch. Cary has particular experience with vegetarian and vegan diets as she led her family on a culinary journey away from their traditional British “meat and two veg” diet to one based largely on plants. She also helps triathletes optimize their diets for peak performance. Cary is a graduate of the University of York (B.Sc. Honours – Chemistry 1980), and the University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus (Diploma in Food, Nutrition and Risk Management, 2011). Julie enjoys working with young adults to ensure they leave home with a basic but adequate knowledge of food safety, nutrition and cooking skills. She also enjoys helping people who feel they don’t have time to cook with tips and strategies for planning and preparing simple but healthy meals. Julie is a graduate of Trent University (B.Sc. Honours – Economics 1985), Queen’s University (M.A. Economics 1986), the University of Ottawa (Bachelor of Law, 1999), and the University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus (Diploma in Food, Nutrition and Risk Management, 2011). Nina brings an international flair to her teaching as she has travelled and lived abroad for many years. She has extensive experience with organizing food fair fundraising events and adapting recipes to meet a variety of dietary challenges. Nina LePage has a Nutrition Educator’s Certificate from Bauman Holistic College, Berkeley, California and a tri-lingual business certificate from Kursverksamheten’s school in Lausanne, Switzerland. Nina combines her love of cooking and healthy eating with instructing fitness and Nordic walking classes.

My kids loved Julie and Cary’s cooking classes – the kids had fun and brought home their knowledge.  After cooking dishes with Julie and Cary, the kids would want to try making them again at home – dishes that wouldn’t have been eaten if I had produced them in the first place!  Experience was the key – and getting hands-on with the recipes under the guidance of very friendly experts. Emily


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