Our classes are suitable for anyone seeking to build confidence and skills in the kitchen or to simply to have fun cooking with others in a class led by one of our instructors.  We encourage a flexible and adventurous approach to cooking flavourful and appealing dishes from fresh, whole foods.

Most of our classes are hands-on and participants will leave with detailed recipes and tips to allow them to recreate their favourites at home.

Contact us to learn more or to request a tailor-made class for you and your friends.

Listed below are samples of the classes we offer.


Are you struggling going gluten-free? Tired of dry tasteless gluten-free products? This popular workshop will give you confidence baking with alternative flours.

Come away with:

  • knowledge about healthy gluten-free diets and how to ensure they are healthy.
  • three new recipes.
  • tips to shop for gluten-free products and for modifying favourites recipes.

3-hour Workshop
Mainly hands-on cooking with brief slide presentation and instructor demonstrations.

HighTeaThis is the real deal: you will make scrumptious scones, fancy crustless sandwiches, petits fours and then sit down to enjoy the your baked goods and sandwiches with tea, of course.

Come away with:

  • Recipes , a smile and a full stomach

3-hour Workshop

DoLunchFood trends have you confused? Don’t know what to do with freekeh or collard greens? Join this class and be inspired with new ideas for incorporating more whole foods into your diet.

Come with an apron, a chef’s knife and an appetite and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labour, ending each week with a sit-down lunch.

 Come away with:

  • Quick, easy, delicious and nutritious recipes using fresh whole ingredients.

4 week course, 2 hours per week
All hands-on-cooking.


For anyone wanting to become vegetarian and/or expand their repertoire of go-to-vegetarian dishes. Come away with:

  • knowledge of the essentials of a healthy vegetarian (and vegan) diet
  • basic cooking skills
  • recipes for quick and tasty vegetarian meals and snacks

3-hour Workshop

Mainly hands-on cooking with brief slide presentation and instructor demonstrations

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